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Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Databases

Getting started

These databases assist you to find articles in serials / journals. 

1   Create a search strategy using key words

2   Select the most relevant database

3   Try different search terms

4   Refine your search using the date, language, publisher etc... limiters on the left hand side of the database.

5   Ask a librarian for help if you are not locating useful information and come to a database workshop.

Research tips

How to do research?
  1. Choose a research topic
  2. Create a search strategy using keywords
  3. Find information, e.g., databases, ebooks, websites, Google Scholar and print resources
  4. Evaluate information. Check for:  Authority: Does the information come from a a reliable source?  Accuracy: Can the information be verified by a credible source?  Relevance: Does the information meet your specific needs and it is within your research scope?         Objective: Is the information free from bias or hidden agendas?                  Currency: Is the information up to date?
  5. Cite your resources using APA referencing


EBSCOhost Search

Allows simultaneous searching of multiple databases on the EBSCOhost platform including:

  • Australian/New Zealand Reference Centre
  • Business Source Premier
  • Computer and Applied Sciences
  • eBook collection

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

Provides complete text of Encyclopaedia Britannica with search capabilities, related links, and multimedia enhancements

O'Reilly Safari

This database provides access to a variety of IT and business books, video's and training. NOTE: You will need to sign in using your UCOL login.

Te Puna Search - New Zealand Libraries

A database that lets you search millions of titles of books, serials, magazines, CDs and so on that are held in library collections around New Zealand and the world.

Treaty of Waitangi