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Automotive Engineering: Books


The books listed on this page are available in the UCOL library.

Click on the book you are interested in to see if it is available.  If the book is on loan, simply click on the 'reserve' box to the left of your screen or come into the library and ask at the desk.

Useful shelf numbers

There are numerous books on different aspects of automotive engineering on the UCOL shelves.

629.2        Land motor vehicles

629.23      Design materials, construction

629.231    Analysis and design

629.246    Automatic transmission devices

629.25      Engines

629.2503  Internal-combustion engines

629.252    Motor parts of internal-combustion engines

629.253    Fuel systems and fuels of internal-                                   combustion engines

629.254   Ignition, electrical, electronic systems of                           internal-combustion engines

629.287   Maintenance and repair

Design and construction


Steering and suspension

Mechanical repairs

Turbo charging


Diesel vehicles

Automotive Shop

Automotive electronics


Electric vehicles