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Automotive Engineering: Websites

Search skills

Use this evaluation ABC checklist when searching for information on the Internet.


  • Is the information from a reliable source?
  • Does the author have appropriate qualifications, background and knowledge of the subject?
  • Where is the document published and who has published it?


  • Check the accuracy - how does the site compare to other sources?
  • Check the web site address (URL = uniform resource locator)to verify the origin of the site:                         

 .govt or .gov = government .     

.org = non-profit organization.

.co or .com = commercial   

.ac or .edu = academic/ educational


  • Why do you think the information was written?
  • What opinions if any are expressed by the author?
  • Does it provide a balanced view of the topic or is there an obvious bias promoted by the puiblisher or author?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Where is the document published?     


  • When was the information written or recorded?
  • Is the information up to date for the topic?
  • Are the site links up-to-date, are they relevant and do they work?