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Nursing: APA referencing

A guide to information resources for nursing

Why reference?

Why do you need to reference?

To avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of another’s work, words, or ideas without giving proper recognition to the source. It is easy to copy and paste that sometimes we plagiarise without realising it.

Whether, it is unintentional or intentional, plagiarism is considered an offense in the academic world which will result in serious consequences.

Referencing is a way of acknowledging the authors of books, papers, published and unpublished materials that you have used in your assignments.

Other benefits of referencing are:

  • To show that you have done your research.
  • To inform your tutor or lecturer that the information in your assignments comes from another source.
  • To demonstrate your understanding and familiarity of resources.
  • To locate information source, when you are required to revisit your assignments.

At UCOL, we use APA referencing (7th edition) 

Getting started

Anything you have read, and refer to in your writing must:

- be acknowledged in text
( in the text of your assignment/ essay )

 - and
included in your reference list
(the detailed list of information sources you refer to at the end of your work)

Referencing Help

For advice regarding referencing you can contact the   Library  for your campus

For advice with academic writing, please contact Learning Services for your campus. 

Learning Hub Resources

Here is a  selection of Academic Writing guides to assist you with Referencing

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

APA Subject Guide - 7th ed.

Other Resources

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