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Mathematics: Dividing fractions


In this module, you can study how to divide one fraction by another.


The video above explains the logic behind how to divide fractions. Watch from 5.00 min for the basic method.


Did you know?

Multiplying fractions was easy. You just multiplied the top numbers together, then the bottom numbers.

e.g.     x      =   


However, dividing is a little harder. 

You must turn the second fraction 'upside down' (making its 'reciprocal') and multiply by this.

e.g.               ÷     =  ?   


Change to      x  


Answer  =    


Practice and study


The video explains how to use basic calculator functions and provides examples.


0.00 min      addition (+), subtraction (-), multiply (x), divide (÷)

1.19 min      decimal point
2.43 min      C, CE and backspace
4.19 min      square, square root & fractions
6.17 min      percentage (%)

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