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Mathematics: The number line


All real numbers have a spot on the number line.  In this module, you can study the number line concept and learn how to put any number onto it in the right spot.

The video above lasts 10 minutes. To learn about how to build a number line, you only need to watch up to 3:25. If you're interested in learning about the different types of numbers, you can watch the whole thing.

This Khan Academy video above explains how to plot integers (negative and positive) on a number line.

Did you know?

The number zero is an important part of the number line. Numbers to the left of zero are negative; numbers to the right are positive.

Study and practice


The video explains how to use basic calculator functions and provides examples.


0.00 min      addition (+), subtraction (-), multiply (x), divide (÷)

1.19 min      decimal point
2.43 min      C, CE and backspace
4.19 min      square, square root & fractions
6.17 min      percentage (%)

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