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Mathematics: Expanding expressions with brackets


In this module you will learn how to remove the brackets from algebraic expressions


The eight-minute video shows you how to expand brackets in an several expressions.

The ten-minute video above is the first of a two-part series that contains a great explanation of how to expand the brackets or "distribute". NB: In American English, "parentheses" means "brackets".


The above video is the second of a two-part series on how to expand brackets or "distribute" in algebra. This video focuses on distributing negative signs.


Did you know?

There are times when you MUST use brackets to be correct.

Expanding brackets incorrectly is one of the most common errors in equation solving.

Study and practice


The video explains how to use basic calculator functions and provides examples.


0.00 min      addition (+), subtraction (-), multiply (x), divide (÷)

1.19 min      decimal point
2.43 min      C, CE and backspace
4.19 min      square, square root & fractions
6.17 min      percentage (%)

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