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Mathematics: Metric units of measure


In this module, you can study the basics of metric measurement units and how to convert between different metric units.


The video above contains an explanation of the metric system, including a definition of the prefixes.


This video shows examples of how to convert between metric units.


Did you know?

Study and practice


The metric system is based on units of 10


What do the prefixes mean?

e.g. 'kilo' means a thousand, so 1 kilometer = a thousand meters (1000m)


trillion                  1,000,000,000,000           tera       T

billion                   1,000,000,000                 giga       G

million                  1,000,000                        mega     M

thousand             1,000                                kilo        k

hundred               100                                   hecto    h

ten                        10                                    deka     da

unit                       1                            

tenth                    0.1                                     deci     d

hundredth           0.01                                   centi     c

thousandth         0.001                                  milli      m

millionth              0.000 001                          micro    µ

billionth               0.000 000 001                   nano     n

trillionth               0.000 000 000 001            pico      p

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