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APA 7 Referencing

Conference presentation: Print.

  • Include a label in square brackets after the title describing the presentation e.g. paper, keynote address, poster session.
  • Include the location of the conference.
  • The date matches the date of the entire conference not just the day of the presentation.
  • Conference papers published in a journal or book use the same format as a journal article, edited book, or edited book chapter.


(Maddox et al., 2016).

Maddox, S., Hurling, J., Stewart, E., & Edwards, A. (2016, March 30-April 2). If mama ain't happy,

             nobody's happy:    The effect of parental depression on mood dysregulation in children [Paper presentation].

             Southeastern Psychological Association 62nd Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States.

(APA manual, 2020, p. 332).

Conference presentation: Online


(Pearson, 2018).

​Pearson.J. (2018, September 27-30). Fat talk and its effects on state-based body image in women [Poster presentation].

           Australian Psychological Society Congress, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

(APA manual, 2020, p. 333).

Thesis: published

  • After the title, place the type of thesis and the name of the University in square brackets.

(Hutcheson, 2012).

Hutcheson, V. H. (2012). Dealing with dual differences: Social coping strategies of gifted and lesbian, gay, bisexual, 

             transgender, and queer adolescents [Master's thesis, The College of William & Mary]. William & Mary Digital   


(APA manual, 2020, p. 334)

Thesis: unpublished

  • Place the name of the University after the title information.

(Harris, 2014).

Harris, L. (2014). Instructional leadership perceptions and practices of elementary school leaders [Unpublished

                      doctoral dissertation]. University of Virginia.

(APA manual, 2020, p. 334).