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APA 7 Referencing

Report by a government agency or other organisation

Unless a person is named in the report as the author, the government department or organisation that produced the report becomes the author.

If the parent organisation (e.g. Ministry of Health) is not included as the author, place the parent organisation name after the report title.


(Canada Council for the Arts, 2013).

Canada Council for the Arts. (2013). What we heard: Summary of key findings: 2013 Canada Council's Inter-Arts Office                         consultation.

(APA Manual, 2020, pp. 286, 329).

Report by individual authors at a government agency or other organisation


(Freid & Polyakova, 2018).

Freid, D., & Polyakova, A. (2018). Democratic defense against disinformation. Atlantic Council.     


(APA Manual, 2020, pp. 286, 330).

Annual Report

(U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2017).

U.S. Securities and Exchange commission. (2017). Agency financial report: Fiscal year 2017.                2017-agency-financial-report.pdf

(APA Manual, 2020, pp. 286, 330).

Chapter from a report where the chapter authors are different


(Fergusson & Boden, 2011).

Fergusson, D., & Boden, J. (2011). Alcohol use in adolescence. In P. Gluckman (Ed.), Improving the transition: Reducing social                 and psychological morbidity during adolescence: A report from the prime minister's chief science advisor (pp. 235–                    256). Office of the Prime Minister's Science Advisory Committee.                the-Transition-report.pdf

(Advice from APA expert)